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Double Sided Tape

IncrediSeal double-sided foam tapes can be used for temporary or permanent applications. Our two-sided tapes are created with open and closed cell foam in varying thicknesses. The pressure-sensitive adhesives used create a quick reliable seal. We can custom slit or die cut the most of our double sided tape based on your requirements.

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Features & Benefits

  • Strong adhesion on uneven or regular surfaces
  • Enhanced visual appearance through hidden fastening
  • Shock absorption and noise-dampening properties
  • Bonds tightly on irregular or uneven surfaces
  • Stress dissipation over the length of the bond
  • Helps eliminate environmental factors with tight surface to surface seal

General Applications

  • Replace mechanical fasteners like rivets and bolts
  • Create strong tear-resistant hems on banners
  • Hang signs on porous surfaces like rock and brick
  • Mount automotive panels and accessories
  • Permanently bond different surfaces like metal on concrete

Variant Applications

  • Permanent double-sided tape is the perfect solution for car accessories and panels
  • Double-sided filament tape uses fiberglass strands to create a ultra-strong seal for packing and shipping heavy boxes and loads
  • Extreme high tack double-sided tape can endure a wide range of temperatures
  • Thick double-sided tape can fill gaps in uneven surfaces to hang signs on rocks and brick
  • Double-sided PET tape reinforces banner hems and resists tearing
  • Ultra-high bond double-sided tape creates a lasting seal strong enough to replace rivets
  • Heat resistant double-sided tape holds up under extreme temperatures indoors and out
  • Transparent double-sided tape stays hidden while providing a strong durable grip
  • Double-sided rubber adhesive tape provides superior adhesion and quick application

Frequently Asked Questions

IncrediSeal double-sided permanent bond tape has a 180-degree shear strength of 110 lbs. making it one of the strongest double-sided tapes available. Its lasting bond provides a waterproof seal.

IncrediSeal double-sided permanent bond tape creates a durable, lasting bond between metal surfaces eliminating the need for fasteners. Its -20 F – 275 F operating range allows is to excel in harsh climates.

IncrediSeal double-sided bi-directional filament tape is extremely high tack and easily bonds aluminum to other surfaces including acrylic, wood, Plexiglas, laminates, stainless and high carbon steel. Its superior 78 lb. tensile strength bonds tightly.

Use a plastic putty knife to gently lift the edge of the tape. Using medium pressure work the edge of the knife slowly under the tape sliding the edge up a little bit at a time. Once some of the tape is off the surface you may be able to roll the remaining tape off the surface using your fingers. If the tape is on a hard surface use Goof Off on the tape first. Apply a liberal amount and let it soak at least a minute. Gently slide the edge of the knife under the tape to separate it from the surface. As the Goof Off penetrates the tape’s adhesive, you’ll be able to remove it all. Take your time and work slowly. Make sure Goof Off can be safely used on the surface you are cleaning. has several types of double-sided tape: permanent bond in grey or clear, double-sided PET banner tape, double-sided bi-directional filament tape, and double-sided foam tape. Most come in varying thicknesses and all offer excellent weather resistance and reliable seals. We can custom slit and die-cut most of our two-sided tape to meet your requirements.