Don’t risk your big build to anything less than the industrial quality IncrediSeal tape delivers. Hang, bond, bundle and seal with confidence.

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    Double Sided Tape

    IncrediSeal double-sided foam tapes can be used for temporary or permanent applications. Our two-sided tapes are created with open and closed cell foam in varying thicknesses. The pressure-sensitive adhesives used create a quick reliable seal. We can custom slit or die cut the most of our double sided tape based on your requirements.

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    Filament Tape

    IncrediSeal industrial-strength, filament tape uses fiberglass fibers to resist abrasion, nicks, and moisture to keep your heavy boxes sealed. Our heavy duty filament tape excels in bundling, reinforcing and strapping applications. Choose our double-sided bi-directional filament tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive to easily bond corrugate and recycled corrugated fiberboard. The extra fiberglass…

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    Masking Tape

    IncrediSeal premium masking tape is pressure-sensitive and easy-to-tear. We use an easy-release pressure-sensitive adhesive. That means it comes off the roll with ease and is a breeze to apply. It provides a durable layer of protection to whatever surface you cover. It is made to withstand UV light and water-based or solvent-based liquids so it will stay put.

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    Specialty Tape

    IncrediSeal specialty tapes are purpose specific, although many can be used for multiple projects. Premium duct, electrical, masking, double-sided, filament and strapping tape are all available in varying widths and thicknesses. Choose the IncrediSeal premium quality tape to complete your project right, at manufacturer direct prices.