Advanced Air System

IncrediSeal Advanced Air bubble cushioning system takes your packaging to the next level. No need to take valuable warehouse space with giant protective bubble film rolls when you can make them on demand! This versatile system produces multiple dunnage types to meet all your void fill and protection needs. Variable speed and pressure controls adapt to your workflow & packing requirements. Minimal 16” L x 24” W x 14” H footprint to create an efficient, organized workspace.

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Make instant Bubble packing rolls 15” wide, perforated every 12.5” to protect small fragile items. Choose the 2” side by side air pillow Hybrid Bubble rolls, perforated every 10” to brace corners and prevent shifting. Our 4” x 12” Air Pillows are perforated every 4” and are perfect for large void fill, hugging, and cushioning heavy items.

Features & Benefits

  • Create 3 types of packing protection
  • Cost savings with instant protective bubble film
  • Frees up storage space
  • Fast 90 ft./minute sealing speed
  • Compact, efficient footprint

General Applications

  • Protect delicate items
  • Brace corners
  • Cushion keepsakes
  • Pad frames and portraits
  • Safeguard mirrors
  • Wrap glass

Frequently Asked Questions

IncrediSeal Large Air Pillow bubble film is 4” x 12”, perforated every 4”. It is a great choice for filling large amounts of box void and cushioning heavy items.

Choose the bubble size based on what type of items you are wrapping. IncrediSeal Bubble film creates a protective layer around smaller, delicate items. Our Large Air Pillows cushion bulky items and fill boxes quickly.

The IncrediSeal Advanced Air bubble cushion system can make three types of protective bubble film instantly. Choose the right one based on your packing needs. Our Large Air Pillows protect large heavy items and fill boxes quickly. The Bubble pack film is perfect for small delicate items. Pick the 2” side by side air pillow Hybrid Bubble roll for bracing corners, preventing shifting, and much more.

  1. Protective bubble film should be disposed of with your regular recycling or dropped off at your recycling center. To recycle protective bubble film properly you should always: Pop all bubbles so it does not clog the machinery.
  2. Make sure your recycling center accepts protective bubble film.
  3. Reuse the protective bubble film and other packing materials that are not recyclable.
  4. Recycle more plastic and less ends up in landfills and oceans.

Surprisingly, protective bubble film was originally invented as a textured wallpaper. Engineer Al Fielding and inventor Marc Chavannes were trying to create textured wallpaper in 1957. They sealed shower curtains together and trapped air bubbles between them creating wallpaper with a textured appearance. The product failed as wallpaper but was later repurposed to protect IBM computers during shipping. Thankfully the IncrediSeal Advanced Air System can make three varieties of protective bubble film to meet all your packaging needs. Email [email protected] today for a quote.