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Packaging Tape

IncrediSeal premium packaging tape comes in thicknesses ranging from 1.70 to 2.30 mil. It’s made with the strength and heavy-duty durability to keep your boxes sealed. Even heavy-weight packages stay closed. Don’t worry about rough handling during moving, mailing, shipping, and storage. Our tape holds tight thanks to a 45-pound cross tensile strength.

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We use acrylic adhesive because it is pressure sensitive making it easy to unwind and seal. IncrediSeal packing tape also has a wide temperature range of -15 F to 150 F so it works better. It is made to endure harsh warehouse conditions and keep your boxes sealed. It holds tight straight from the freezer to extreme heat. Each roll has 110 yards of premium packing shipping tape. Choose clear, colored, or tamper-evident security tape in 1”, 2”, or 3” inch widths.

Features & Benefits

  • Great shear strength and holding power
  • Wide temperature operating range
  • Smooth, easy release
  • Durable consistent seal

General Applications

  • Gift wrapping
  • Light to heavyweight box sealing
  • Sealing corrugated fiberboard
  • Packing moving boxes
  • Shipping and mailing
  • Storing products

Variant Applications

  • Clear packing tape is a very good solution for shipping and packaging.
  • Heavy duty packing tape keeps heavy boxes sealed during mailing and storage.
  • 2 inch packing tape from IncrediSeal can use acrylic or pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesive.
  • 3 inch packing tape requires just one pass to seal boxes.
  • Wide packing tape reduces the amount of tape you need, saving you money.
  • Thick packing tape keeps heavy boxes sealed during rough handling.
  • Acrylic packing tape has superior adhesion properties and an easy unwind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose IncrediSeal premium quality packing tape in a thickness to fit your project from 1.70 to 2.30 mil. Use IncrediSeal Color Packing and Storing tape to color code your boxes for easy organization.

IncrediSeal is the packing tape specialist. We offer a wide variety of strong packing tape ready to ship the same day. Clear, colored, or tamper evident security tape is available in 1”, 2”, or 3” inch widths.

  1. Place tape dispenser/gun on a level flat surface with the handle pointing at you
  2. Find the end of the tape roll, make sure the glue side of the tape is facing toward you
  3. Carefully push the tape roll onto tape wheel.
  4. Pull 4 inches of tape from the roll and feed it through the tape guide and roller. Use care, the serrated edge can cut skin.
  5. Adjust the tension knob, if your gun has it, to control how quickly the tape unwinds.

Call IncrediSeal at 410-825-8300 or email [email protected] to a quote for your packing tape project. Our Tape Specialists will answer your questions and provide manufacturer direct prices.