Build, secure and paint your set and props with IncrediSeal tape. Your team deserves the confidence and solid performance our durable tape delivers.

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    Masking Tape

    IncrediSeal premium masking tape is pressure-sensitive and easy-to-tear. We use an easy-release pressure-sensitive adhesive. That means it comes off the roll with ease and is a breeze to apply. It provides a durable layer of protection to whatever surface you cover. It is made to withstand UV light and water-based or solvent-based liquids so it will stay put.

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    Specialty Tape

    IncrediSeal specialty tapes are purpose specific, although many can be used for multiple projects. Premium duct, electrical, masking, double-sided, filament and strapping tape are all available in varying widths and thicknesses. Choose the IncrediSeal premium quality tape to complete your project right, at manufacturer direct prices.